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2019 Study Abroad Program for Students from the School of Pharmacy, University of Portsmouth

August 28th to September 10th, 2019

With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 between Nihon University, School of Pharmacy (NUSP) and the University of Portsmouth (UoP), and the further extension of the agreement this past July, we have agreed to a further five years of exchanges in terms of faculty and students and collaborating on research projects. As such, this past summer, three students from the UoP’s School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences visited NUSP.

From the second day of their stay, the students from UoP visited NUSP to have an orientation that included a tour of the campus, learning about the various club activities students participate in, etc…. This was followed by a welcome party where the dean, office staff, faculty on the international exchanges committee, and students who had visited UoP in August for the clinical study abroad program all attended to welcome the UoP students. At the party, a 4th-year student pharmacist from NUSP gave a welcome speech in English with warm words of encouragement to further strengthen the bonds of friendship between our institutions.
Students from various clubs volunteered their time to introduce Japanese culture to the visiting UoP students. This included: Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, Japanese archery, etc…. The students also had hands-on experience with these activities that center around the notion of “dou” or a lifelong path of learning.

After getting acclimated to the NUSP campus, students then started their studies. These consisted of lectures and visits to various off-campus sites. The lectures would start of the day and were taught by the NUSP faculty on subjects such as: Pharmacy Practice and Healthcare in Japan, Kampo Medicines, and House Calls by Japanese Pharmacists. In the afternoon, the students would then visit a site related to what they had studied in the morning. This included visits to: community pharmacies, a kampo pharmacy, a pharmacy specializing in house calls, and both hospitals affiliated with Nihon University. In doing so, the UoP students were better able to understand the similarities and differences between pharmacists and pharmacy practice between Japan and the UK.

This year Typhoon Faxai hit the Kanto region as classes were to start and as such the UoP students were unable to attend actual classes during their visit, but with the support of the NUSP faculty, pharmacists from community pharmacies and hospitals, and alumni working in the private sector, the students finished their studies and returned to the UK on September 10th.
We at NUSP were honored that the students chose to visit us among the various partner schools of UoP. With the experience, we are sure that the UoP students will become truly caring pharmacists in the future. We feel this type of global education program surely helps bring students closer together and will help foster healthcare professionals for the 21st century. We look forward to more and more such exchanges between NUSP and UoP.