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School of Pharmacy
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Department Pharmacy
The School of Pharmacy was founded in 1952 on the premise of creating a new kind of pharmacology that contributes to clinical medicine, welfare and human health, and so far, the main focus of our education and research has lain in the fields of medical pharmacology and social pharmacology. However, in order to remain in step with recent changes in social situation such as changes in disease patterns due to low nativity and an aging population and the soaring costs of medical treatment, and in order to meet the increasing need for high-level medical care, the contents and organization of our education and research are being revised. We now primarily aim to nurture pharmacists who can be responsible for general medical care, and to pursue education and research in the fields of reliability and efficiency of medical supplies, environmental protection and the development of new drugs. In the field of medical pharmacology, in addition to our traditional collaboration with the University Hospital, we now also employ clinical practitioners to give lectures on medical pathology and drug treatment. Further, in order to increase the motivation of our students to become medical care workers, they visit and undergo practical training at hospitals and pharmacies from the first year, and the later years include actual on-the-job training at hospitals and pharmacies.