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Graduate School of Pharmacy
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Graduate School of Pharmacy

Major Pharmacy
The master’s program at the Graduate School of Pharmacy was launched in 1992 to nurture pharmaceutical researchers with the capacity for advanced research and specialist knowledge in medicine, health, hygiene, drug development, basic science and other areas. A full doctoral program was added in 1994. In 2001, a new course in medical pharmacy was introduced in addition to the traditional pharmacy course, in response to the increasing importance of medical pharmacy in today’s society. The medical pharmacy course includes classes on disease and medical treatment, drug treatment, drug dynamics, medical supplies information, etc., and also a compulsory 6-month period of on-the-job training as a pharmacist at a hospital pharmacy. In this way, the students learn not only the skills of a pharmacist, but also acquires the practical ability to recognize and solve problems that occur in real-life medical care situations. In 2003, a master’s course in medical pharmacy was started as career support for pharmacists already practicing. This course includes advanced lectures on the whole field of medical pharmacy according to the needs of professional pharmacists, including lectures by teachers and clinicians from Nihon University’s Medical School on topics like disease and pathology, and drug treatment and evaluation, thus integrating the fields of medicine and pharmacy within the university.